Manage your patient bookings with Aperture's intuitive features.

Try all of these features and more with our zero commitment, 90 day trial!

  • Quickly find patients / bookings

    Easily find patients by phone number or name using Aperture's clever search. It autocompletes names as you type.

    24 / 7 Technical support

    Sleep well at night knowing our team will make sure we do whatever we can to ensure bookings for you clinic runs smoothly.

    Procedure information

    Keep your patients informed and greatly improve their booking experience. The more information provided upfront, the easier the procedure will be.

    Manage appointments

    Keep your patients aware. Receive text messages notifications 24hrs before their scheduled date.

  • Aperture calendar

    If you’re familiar with digital calendars like Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar, then you’ll find your way around Aperture's calendar in no time.

    Multi-phased test types

    Radiographers easily understand when patients need to return for their next scan and on which camera. No pen and paper checklists!

    Security #1 priority

    Your data is safe and secure with us. Encryption, 24/7 monitoring, and regular backups.

    Patient allergy alerts

    Allergies and pre-existing medication can interfere with injections administered. Stay ahead of it with reminders.

    Reschedule with ease

    Rescheduling is tough. Patients need to shift the date? Quickly and easily rejig appointments for those last minute changes.

  • Booking confirmation

    Understanding complex booking test types shouldn't be difficult, so we've made it easy. Aperture lays out exactly how the procedure will go.

    Referrer & patient notes

    Keep track of referrer preferences and critical patient details in notes.

    Radiographer dashboard

    Radiographers have their own worklist to interact with. A worklist that gives them complete 360 view of their day. Let us do the heavy lifting.

    Custom test types

    Create and configure your own test types. Aperture supports regular singular bookings, multi-phased bookings, and multi-day bookings.

... and many more! Reach out for a demo.